What ever happened to Rustboy?

What ever happened to Rustboy?


Way back in my college days I came about this site that tells a story about an animated character called Rustboy. It was the brainchild of a Brian Taylor.  An inspiration to a lot of artists who began moving over to cgi. What also made it good was that he was doing it alone and only using cheep of the shelf software, infini-3d to be precise.  Having typed  ‘Rustboy’ into google I must say I was surprised to see the site still exists, maybe there is still a spark there after all. If you have never heard of Rustboy, may i suggest you visit the site, although the content is starting to look a little dated, it is still has relevant work for todays generation of 3d artists, and is still inspiring.

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  1. Hi Alan,

    I was searching for ‘what happened to Rustboy’ myself today as I used to follow the updates back in the day when Brian was releasing them.

    It’s a shame that the project got killed in terms of updates as it was looking great back then.

    Here’s hoping someone’s still working on it in secret.

  2. think he went back to his commercial roots, it seem to be heading that way towards the end with merchandising, oh well, cheers for the comment

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