Tools of the trade

Thought i would give you an insight to the software and workflow I use to create my cg work, which i have created for over 10 years now. I will start by saying that the learning never stops, new software updates and technology is forever advancing and its a job in itself to keep up. I first used 3d studio max v2 way back in 1999,(now use max 2011) found it tricky and moved over to newtek’s lightwave 3d v5.5.(went back to max but still own v9.6) Lightwave in my opinion is much more modeler orientated. Due to max’s use in work i have moved back to using 3d s max, This is the main 3d package i use.

For 2d, its photoshop, I have about 12 years( from v4 to cs3) experience with this product and I still dont know everything about it, current version at work is cs3. I use this for photomontage work, texture work for 3d textures, general photo manipulation and just plain drawing and painting, I also use corels painter for  creating paintings and drawings.

Although max is my main 3d package I have recently started learning zbrush for creating very high resolution organic models and textures, its a very steep learning curve, but im getting there( i will be adding some images and animations of my modeling work in the near future.

Other packages include, Quest3d, global mapper ,illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver, topogun, Vue Xstream, Autocad, Flash, to name a few, oh and no forgetting to mention that the majority of work is created using a wacom tablet.

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