Thumbnail sketches

Hi everyone

Thought I would bring peoples attention to fact that drawing everyday does not have to be a long drawn out affair,( pardon the pun) but it is an important aspect of becoming a better observer, which in my eyes is what makes a good artist better. Even though the last few days have been very hectic I have still found time to do some drawings, some from life or partially from life, some from my imagination based loosely on what is around me. These have been in the form of thumbnail sketches created on whatever I had with me at the time, in this case a notepad and small sketchpad and ball point pen. There is not always the need to pack a huge bag full of stuff just to capture something, sometime all that is needed are the basic lines, this is sometimes enough for you to use at a later date  to produce that masterpiece. I find this quite constructive in my work as sometimes you can be bogged down by the detail you see in front of you, imagination based on fact can be a great creative starting point. As you can see in the images, they are not works of art by any means, but they are enough to jog one’s memory.


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