Self tuition

Well, been very busy with some personal education recently, got a new pc, itel i7 16 gig of ram so been teaching myself some high end stuff using particles and liquid simulations, anybody who says its easy knows nothing. One of the biggest things I have learnt is that without planning from the outset, you are doomed to failure, pipeline, pipeline, pipeline. Its obvious to me now that if you plan things correctly it will half your problems( don’t think you will ever have none, if you don’t have any, your not pushing high enough). the only problem is that if you are teaching yourself you have to start somewhere and learn by your mistakes, this takes an awful lot of patience and perseverance. Hopefully I will reap the rewards, and in these hard times keep myself in employment of one form or another. Self employment looks favourable at the moment, unless things change radically where I am at the moment, we will have to wait and see. In the meantime its back to my Tylwydd Teg model and get that to a point where I am happy to release it to the world. Have been dabbling with the idea of learning rigging and get a fully animatable model out of it, I wont be doing the animation though, I’m crap at that!

Will drop some screen grabs on later

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