Hi all, created this portrait in photoshop and the main aim was to experiment with my process of creating a digital portrait, I do apologise that it was taken from a photo I found on the web, and not from a real model, doing something from life is far better and you will learn a lot more, life drawing is not so much about the drawing as learning to look, remember that.I havnt used any blend modes or filters just a variety of brushes and all at 100% oppacity. I needed to keep everything at full opacity in order to understand how one colour plays with its adjacent colour to create the impression of light and dark, This way no pure black or white was used and therefore demonstrates that in traditional painting it doesnt need to be used either, although it can be used to mix in with your paints to create different values( sparingly), for example a dark brown/blue can look almost black next to a vivid orange/yellow. Using colours in this way helps to avoid your paintings becoming muddy. I have added a video showing the stages of the portrait, hope you like.


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