Oriel Mon

Oriel Mon

Just been for a trip to the local gallery, its changed a bit from my last visit, went to see a show by a guy called Iwan Gwyn Parry, an artist who taught me during my foundation year. Interseting body of work, his style has not changed much since he taught me, but in my opinion his work has improved greatly. Some very large canvases, and masses of vibrant colour, slightly abstract in some cases, but he does bring out a certain mood in his work. The work is, again, based on his experiences of the island, except you get the impression he is trying to capture the place as a living thing, that has been alive for thousands of years.

Also went to have a look at Kyffin williams’s work, I’m not the biggest fan of his pallete knife work, but i do like his quirky, almost cartoony sketches in ink and wash, he does capture the subject matter  very well. I love his sketched of the sheepdogs and characters of snowdonia

All this can be seen at Oriel Mon, Llangefni. Iwans exhibition end tomorrow, but the kyffin exhibition is a permanent one

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