New products on there way

Its been a while, but then I have been very busy. I’ve set up a new company called vizworx,, with a couple of collegues after being made redundant from my last job, so not so stressed out these days :). Thought I would give an update of what I have been doing in my own time, that is creating a set of products based on my past work that you can read about on this site. Its taking everything I have learnt over the last 18 months and applying it to a design that hopefully will be marketed and put up for sale in various venues. They are not quite up to a quality that I deem appropriate for sale just yet, but they are getting very close. My home town, Amlwch, has a history of copper mining and boat building and this first product is going to reflect that in the form of a cast token/coin. These are going to be done in 3 different materials at 3 different price ranges. Resin, copper and bronze, the resin will be cheaper souvenir objects with a run of about 1000, while the copper and bronze coin/token will be hand cast and be more of a collectable with a run of between 100 and 500, not quite sure yet. You can see them in the video, these are resin and copper, as you can see although the resin is more or less there, the copper needs a little refining, its not easy you know!
Will try and keep you updated on the progress and any new lines that I will develop over the next few months.


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