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Got asked today, what I am trying to achieve when creating work. Difficult to answer this one. If I could give a direct answer then my life would be so much easier , for a start this site would not be called, it would be more like, On a serious note and to try and answer the question, I guess my work is quite a personal thing, and I have taken quite a big step in creating this site for a start, because when I start a painting and drawing its all about something I am trying to replicate, not photographically, but more of an mental image, an idea, a vision of something that has come to me as a consequence of something I have seen or done. My work is not usually abstract when viewed as a whole, but if you take a closer look, you will find its made up of some very abstract marks, these marks are inventions to describe something that I am trying to visualise. When these marks come together the way I want them to they will produce an image that I will not question, but hopefully will generate a lot of thought and questions by the person looking at it.

Abstract marks

Fighting horses

As a whole the image makes sence

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