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colour test using the colour temperature scale

colour test using the colour temperature scale

hi, Still reading and studying colour theory and trying to make sense of the different areas of the subject. And also fill gaps in my education on the subject. In this latest sketch I was trying to pay more attention to colour temperature to get the effect of a vast landscape, particularly distance. Using colour temperature as a basis and trying to correctly pick the relevant colour in photoshops colour picker, starting from a low value, low saturation and moving to a higher value and saturation, so moving in a diagonal direction.

While doing this I was also moving toward the warm end of the colour temperature scale. I have used the colder colours for the distance and the warmer colour for the foreground, but importantly increased the saturation levels as I move closer to the observation point. Using warm and cold colours in this way gives a sense of distance and scale in this image, but can also be used many times in an image within certain elements to give the illusion of much smaller distances as long as the saturation levels do not vary greatly per object.


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