Modern to Traditional

Hello all, Its been a while and I apologise, but I have been rather busy. I have been working on some new techniques for converting digital models to physical replicas, and so far its going quite well. Although I would regard myself as a traditional sculptor its been quite some time since I have actual done anything  with clay. Its now time to combine my past with what I have been concentrating on for the last ten years or so, to combine digital technologies with traditional techniques. So far I have had a couple of digital models printed using a Dimension 3d printer in ABS plastic, the resolution of these models is not the finest that you can get, but its good enough for me at this stage, it also gives me a model that is very robust to learn the moulding techniques I will use when creating commercial models. To create the moulds I am using general purpose silicon rubber backed up with polytec easyflow 60 resin, the same resin is used for the actual casts created from the moulds. The casts will have a gel coat with bronze powder incorporated, this will give the finished model a bronzed look. this process is called cold casting. Here are some photos and images of the work so far 🙂 Will add more as the project moves on.

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