Model so far

Just thought I would post an update on my model, retopologised it, coulnt go as far as i wanted, my computer just isnt up to manipulating 4.5 million polies, had to make to with one subdividion less, model is now as 1.28 million, still i think it will be enough, as it is  part of the learning curve, next one, I will plan a little better, reckon my machine will handle 2.5 million . Ok, so as you can see , I am now starting to refine the smaller details and structure, still not to worried about his clothing just yet, he may now get some sort of shoes as the toes havnt worked out as well as i hoped, need to do some research there to see whats the best way to go about it, not to worry, am pleased with the progress.

Latest sculpt so far

Refining the features

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