Major Drawing

About to start a major piece of work that I will spend a few months on, Its going to take the form of a greyscale  drawing on paper. Concept sketches and working drawings will be digital. The title of the drawing is ‘gone are the days’ and its going to be based on an interior scene of a local pub I have frequented on and off for the past 25 years here in Anglesey, N.Wales. I’m in two minds at the moment whether to include some friends and myself or just have the people/characters that have been and gone, There have been a few. The finished drawing will be roughly 1metre across and about .8 metres in height. I have been playing around a few ideas for composition and am planning to keep posting updates as and when I feel it has reached certain stages. This is quite a serious drawing in terms of where the finished piece will end up, hopefully, and who knows may bring some welcome attention to my work. Some concepts/initial ideas are below.

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