Illustrator or fine artist

On annual leave for a week and after some alterations to the comments part of the site its time for me to knuckle down and concentrate on what artistic adventures  I am going on this week. Is it to be digital sculpture, traditional clay sculpture, 3d modelling, drawing, digital or traditional, or painting, digital or traditional. Where do I begin? I wonder how many artists suffer from this  problem, and how does one overcome it. I have so many ideas, using so many different mediums, its starting to drive me a little crazy and I am fast becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. Now I could keep going down this path and maybe I will eventually become expert at all, but I’m 43 so I don’t think I will have enough time unless science pulls its finger out. And of course, while trying to fit all this in I have a family that needs more of my time than its getting and there is my full time job. I also have to sleep, am already reducing this on a weekly basis, its currently down to about 6 hours a day, to much I here you say! ok, I will reduce that down to 5, thats an extra 7 hours a week, now your spoiling me:).

So back to the main point, how many artist out there like working in so many ways that you feel you are not producing  art as much as experimenting all the time. In a commercial sense it feels suicidal, after all people tend to buy art that is recognisable to an artist. I know, for instance that Picasso didn’t just produce paintings but his style carried through most of his work regardless of medium. Do I continue to the point that my learning also drives my style and not to be too het up about it, I think, like I said in a previous post, its a case of being patient, don’t be precious and continue to do what I’ve been doing so far, but will my art ever pay my bills or have I stumbled on the answer I was asked a while back – whats the difference between a fine artist and an illustrator? Perhaps I am a fine artist after all!

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