Horse Mould

Well I abondened the first attempt of the horse mould as it was going to prove very difficult to keep the parts together, so I went for a block silicon mold in 2 parts. I buried one half of the horse in oil based clay, this included half of each leg, sculpting the oil based clay carefully so the the horse could be released in one piece when cast. I enclosed the the whole thing in a melamine case using a hot melt glue gun to hold it together. The silicon was poured in a thin steady stream on one side so it flows around the model so to rid the silicon of air bubbles, it was then left overnight to set. Once set the whole thing was repeated on the other side, after the oil based clay was removed. When this was cured the two halves were peeled apart carefully removing the original horse, these photos will show the end product, A horse is not the best subject for your fist mould but it will teach you a fair bit 🙂 Oh and if you see a sord of wood grain on the sculpture, this is from the original 3d print and down to the resolution of the printer, I can get finer ones done but dont need to for now.

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