Favourite drawing

Favourite drawing

Just thought I would post an image on here, Madona and child with st anne and the young st john(1507-08) had the privilege of seeing this for real at the National Museum a few years back, and its without doubt my most favourite image of all, I have attempted to replicate it a while back, if I find my copy I will post it,. its unbelieving to think how much work went into this image, its not small, its actually 1.41 m by 1.04m using charcoal and chalk on tinted paper. I love the complexity of the fine lines next to the subtle light shading and how he using white chalk to depict light and warmth on the tinted paper. I rote my final thesis on light in art, titled ‘Seeing the light’ and it has a major role in my work. I am constantly trying to portray light, working in the world of CG 3d has helped me immensely with this. I have had to gain an understanding of ambient and reflected light, how the light falls on objects and how shadows play a major role in form.

If I can touch the surface of what Leonardo da Vinci did i will be a happy artist.

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