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Work for the next six days- illustrating some digital business concepts, 30 concept sketches, take 10 to the next level and finally six fully finished images. Bit of a tall order if you ask me, but hey, gota try. Not done a lot of this type of illustrating for a long time and forgot how difficult it was. Its not so much the illustrations themselves, they should sort themselves out through the process I have to follow. The hard part is coming up with the concept itself, and getting in the frame of mind in order to get the message of the business across without over complicating and cluttering the image. I have a style/look already set out. The style was a part of the initial set up of the brief. I had to take one Idea and create a number of finished images of different styles/genres to see which would best suit the brief. Once the client was happy this paved the way for the rest. I cannot post any images yet as I will need to get permission off the client, yes I know the creator holds copyright, etc, its complicated! The first thing I did this morning was seek a little inspiration from my old tutor from Coleg Menai, Kevin Hauff, His work is amongs the top in the UK in this field, you can check his work out here. Another illustrator I had a look at was Stuart Briars, another top illustrator. Two similar thought processes and not disimilar styles, not sure if they went to the same university. Keep visiting I will hopefully have something to show at the end of the week and you can let me know what you think

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