Thought I would post an update on a project I mentioned some time ago. Its a drawing of a fictional bar scene in pencil on paper, size is approx 1.5m x 50 cms and I have put in roughly 80 hours on it. I want to spend another 10 hours or so on it before I have to wrap it up. I am stopping only because there is a deadline as I could probably continue with a drawing for ever, rubbing out and re-doing is all part of the process and I dont think a drawing is ever completed. The photo does not realy do it justice and  I may have to call upon a friend to do it properly for me( he has all the gear too) Pencil is such a bitch when it come to photographing work. Anyway hope you like. Oh forgot to say that the photo is only about a 5th of the actual image, there is 12 characters in it altogether.

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