Busy again

Just thought I would ad something just to prove that I am still alive, have been mad busy lately with some of my own projects, mainly 3d stuff and need another week to finish them off. Will be glad when im done with this one so I can fall back on developing my style in 2d. My last lot of illustrations where more successful to me than they probably where to the client, not saying they didn’t like them, far from it, they have given me a direction within the illustration industry that I have not targeted before. In the past I have always looked for inspiration in what I see,but the next set of work are going to be about what I read (not a big reader, but it may help my spelling:)). Struggled with editorial work when I was at uni, but I think that was just down to a lack of understanding on my part, and it was ten years ago. So there you go, my plans over the christmas period, should keep me out of trouble if nothing else! Oh and was very disappointed that I missed out on getting a ticket for the Leonardo exhibition in London, was really looking forward to seeing some of his chalk and charcoal drawings, oh well maybe one day 🙂

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