Bit of colour theory, sort of!



Been watching and reading all about colour theory, and the consequences when working digitally, although its the same as its always been, I have tended to become a bit confused when it comes to terminology. There are loads of tutorials on the subject al over the net, but I have noticed a trend toward two ways of describing it. The first talks about hue, chroma and value, the other being, temperature, chroma and value. The terminology is more or less the same except temperature is a way of describing colour and its use in painting, colder colours, blues tend to be set back where as warmer colours reds become close, temperature in conjunction with value can also be used to draw the viewers eye toward a main focal point. Saturation can have the same effect on colour as temperature, in that the greyer the colour the further away it looks. If this didn’t  seem complicated enough your perception of a  colour changes when next to any other colour. A lot to learn, but get it right and a poor idea has a better chance of making a good painting, get it wrong and there will be no saving a great idea!

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