About Me






Hi All, My name is Alan Roberts, and have been creating one sort of art or another for as long as i can remember. I currently work producing 3d models, on the computer, for visualisation purposes within the architectural and environmental industries.I am Married to Karen and have three children, Sion, Mikey and ffion, we live in a small town called Amlwch, on the north coast of Anglesey, N,wales…. My other life revolves around my artwork, and this is where the name of the site comes in. Grumpyart basically describes how i feel about my work most of the time, Its not that I am unhappy with it, I just get extremely frustrated and anxious, because i have so many ideas and thoughts about what i should do, how i should do it. This reflects in my conflicting styles based on the mood i am in.

I dont think i am grumpy, but some people close to me may disagree! 🙂