A version of ratty

The image below has been created in photoshop using render passes from within zbrush, The sculpt was an interesting one for me. It was a learning process with a difference, I wasn’t out to learn more about zbrush, although I did of course. It was more about the design process and how a character can be created straight ¬†from the imagination. Normally you would go through a regular design process, that is work out who the character is, how he looks, how he would behave, moving on to drawings and finally creating a character in 3d and perhaps placing it in an environment in order to create an image. Zbrush, however, due to its vast a versatile tool set, can be used for most of these processes on the fly, this model was started as a simple sphere, and it grew from there. There were no preconceived ideas, I just went with the flow. The actual sculpt took me about 10-15 hours over a few weeks. I am still struggling with parts of my sculpting process, mainly levels of detail. Its very easy to create a ‘patchy’ model and this is something I am going to work on. This aspect of any 3d creation is where the above is flawed slightly, in that I think a decision at the beginning on level of detail would have helped, and I guess is a part of the whole look and feel which would not be overlooked in a traditional design process

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